Articles for the Month of February 2018

Tips On How To Feel More Relaxed In Your Room

Do you want to know how to relax better in your own room? If so, the below tips are exclusively for you…! 

De-clutter your room  

No matter how large and spacious our room is, if you are still feeling cramped in and a little claustrophobic, it might be due to the clutter formed in your room. For a start, look at the horizontal spaces of your room. Your bed, your table, the bedside tables, and even your dressing table; these are all places that easily get cluttered[Symbol]and keeping these spaces “things free” will give you a more comfortable room to relax in. This doesn’t mean you can’t make use of those spaces; just make sure to have a specific space allocated for each item (that generally litters your tables and counters), and make a habit of replace them back to where they belong once you are done with them.   online feng shui consulting singapore

Be more conscious about where you place your things  

Generally, you would hire an interior designer or feng shui consultant Singapore to help you place the furniture and other large objects when it comes to your room. If you had done so, you would get the most of your space, and also learnt of the best ways to relax in your room. However, it is not a must that you do so. Just make sure not to over crowd the room; allowing yourself plenty of space to move around your room. Take the precaution of not placing anything that will obstruct the door from opening wide; as this will make you feel like the room is cramped, even if it is not.   

Know the right colors for your walls and sheets  

You don’t need a online feng shui consulting singapore session for you to know that some colors make it harder for you to relax around. Deep and vibrant reds are a classic example for such colors. And these generally make a difference when the colors happen to be on your bedroom walls or the sheets of your bed. Opt for sea greens and peaches…creams and lilacs. Use complementing colors rather than contrasting colors on your bed sheets and your wall decorations. yes, it might not really appeal to the inner adventurous decorator in you[Symbol]but it will definitely help you relax more. 

Get more fresh air into the room during the day 

Airing out your room regularly is much more important for you to relax in the space than you think. Try to open up your windows and let in the sun light and fresh air at least for a few hours each day. It is preferable if you do so during the earlier parts of the day. However, if you cannot do so due to not having a widow, or because you live in the thick of the city and opening up the window will simply mean inviting in the polluted city air, then simply opt for using a air purifier regularly.